Guests share photos of Woody Island Resort

Thanks to everyone who has shared photos of their Woody Island Resort visits over Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor and through email directly to us. We truly appreciate seeing your trips and hearing about your experiences. Here are just a few of our favourite guest photos received so far in 2013. 

Dolphins Follow the MV Merasheen

Dolphins follow the MV Merasheen

Having a nap on the way home on the MV Merasheen

Inside the boat

Boil Up on Sound Island 

Boil up

Taking a Stroll Down the Woody Island Road


Karen and Ed - Wedding on Woody Island


Get Ready for Lunch! Toutons and Molasses 

Delicious Newfoundland Food

Seen from Back Cove - Woody Island


Woody Island coming into Sight

Woody Island Skyline

Our Facility for a Beach Picnic on Sound Island 

Sound Island Shelter

A visiting yoga group 

Yoga on the Beach

Don’t forget: we do not close down at the start of September. Call us now to book for yourself or your group booking for September or October 2013! There is still space available on weekdays and some weekends. We have lots of space for group bookings. 

Special thanks to Brad Hynes, Sam Brown, Deb Lec, Tamie White, Elizabeth Long, Dianne & Robin Vatcher, Charlene Dawe-Roach, Majorie Williams, Gerald Snook, Bobby Bessey, and everyone else who added to our awesome collection of photos!

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