Geocaching on Woody Island

A New Cache for Summer 2013

Visitors to our accommodations find many ways to explore the beautiful Woody Island. While some are beach combing, others are learning to kayak (when available), and still others are relaxing with a book in the sun.

Some people are even on a high-tech treasure hunt. This treasure hunt is called geocaching. Geocaching is a global activity where GPS coordinates are used to find hidden treasures (or caches) outdoors all around the world. Users hide tupperware, mental boxes and other containers under trees stumps and other clever locations. Geocachers then look online to get the coordinates and use their GPS devices or smartphones to find the treasures anywhere in the world. Newfoundland and Labrador is home to 1000’s of caches in places ranging from downtown St. John’s to Port Hope Simpson to Placentia Bay.

 The map below shows just some of the geocaches in Newfoundland. There are many more in Atlantic Canada.Geocaches In Newfoundland

During your trip to Woody Island Resort, you may find up to four geocaches. One cache, called “woody island walk” is found down a beach, a short walk from our accommodations. Travellers who take a walk or a wagon ride across the island will be happy to find two other geocaches on the other end of the island. These caches are called "Woody Island Vanier Scout Troop Cache" and “Allen’s Point Cache”. “Nano Niche #2” is also found very near the resort and is available only to premium members of www.geocaching.com. All caches are moderate in difficulty. Here's the map of where you can find three of the island's cache's. The resort is located near the top of the island in this map where you  can see the route of the MV Merasheen. For full information on the exact locations of the caches, go to www.geocaching.com

Cache Map

The cache, Allen’s Point Cache is a new one that was hidden by resort staff just this spring. If you find it this summer you will be one of the first to find!   

A Nearby Geocache

If you would like to go geocaching during your visit to Woody Island be sure bring a GPS device or your charged smartphone. If using your smartphone you will need to download the Groundspeak app before you leave home because the app may be too large to download outside of a wifi area and we do not have wifi on the island. A full version and a free version of the app are available from the app store.

For more information on geocaching, see the video below from Groundspeak.

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