17th Annual Kayaking Adventure to Woody Island Resort

If you have been following our newsletter or social media presence, you may very well have heard of our 17th Annual Kayaking Trip to Woody Island Resort. We have created an event on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/544305225613462/. You can read a lot about this year’s event by seeing the description on that page. Just as in the past, we will be teaming up with local business, Eastern Edge Outfitters to put together our event. We’re hoping that this year will be even better than last! See below for a couple pictures from last year’s event and one other year.

We also came across some pictures on this page: http://www.kayakers.nf.ca/sea_kayaking/Gallery/misc_kayak.html from a retreat a few years earlier. Have a look!

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