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Travel to Newfoundland and experience icebergs, resettled communities, whale watching, kitchen parties, mummering and much much more. With some of the friendliest people on the planet, Newfoundland has lots to offer for individual or family vacation that will leave you with a smile on your face.


The Kitchen Party

The Histroy of the Kitchen Party

Deeply rooted in Newfoundland & Labrador tradition, the iconic "Kitchen Party" is a social gathering where people gather in a kitchen, telling stories, singing songs and dancing across the floor to accordion music.

Traditional Newfoundland music first started as a pastime shared among local musicians. These songs were, for the most part, written in the homes of these musicians long before they were heard in more formal settings, such as concert halls.

At Woody Island, we still partake in these old Newfoundland traditions. A Kitchen Party can be experienced like the olden days. Join in on a sing-along or dance the "Virginia Reel" while our musicians entertain you with traditional Newfoundland music. Or just sit back and take it all in, getting lost in the jiggs and reels of the music that were written many, many moons ago.

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