Woody Island Resort is committed to doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our guests by following recommended practices as advised by Department of Health and Community Services, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

As we are not yet sure of what procedures will be in place when we open for 2021, below are the 2020 Covid Procedures which will be updated as regulations change.


We are asking everyone to take along a mask that must be worn when social distancing is not possible on the boat. The boat ride to the island is 40 minutes. While on Woody Island, masks, for the most part, will not be necessary.

We will be practicing good hygiene and there will be increased cleaning and disinfection of high contact and/or shared surfaces.

Hand sanitizers will be available on our premises as well as on the boat and guests are encouraged to use them as needed. Public washrooms will be cleaned and disinfected regularly and will be stocked with liquid soap and paper towels. Contactless garbage containers will be provided in each washroom and interior public spaces and emptied frequently.

Space will be assigned to each “bubble” on the boat and in the dining room and all “bubbles” should stay together if possible. 

Effective August 24th, 2020, Department of Health regulations indicated that a mask must be worn in public indoor places. While I am not sure if we are classified a “public place”, and assuming this regulation will be in place this summer, we will, nevertheless, abide by this rule. The following part of the regulation applies to us. SEATED AREAS - Individuals are exempt from this rule providing they can social distance and that they wear a mask if they have to move around. So please keep in mind that this “exemption” only applies when you are sitting at your assigned table or seating space. In the event that you have to move around the dining room, you would have to wear a mask while doing so.

As usual, there will be live entertainment and we will be abiding by any regulations in place.

In previous years, we had the use of the fisherman’s washroom in Garden Cove.  While our guests can still use this washroom, it is not under our control and we suggest that if you need to use the washroom facilities, you drop in to the Irving Station at Goobies.  This is about 20 minutes from Garden Cove and we have made an arrangement with them and let them know that our guests may drop by.  They were happy to help.  There is also a washroom on the boat. 

If you are showing symptoms that may be Covid-19 related we ask that you reschedule your trip.

Thank you for visiting us this year and we look forward to seeing you on Woody Island.

Stay Safe

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