• Sky view of Woody Island Resort
  • Picture of the Merasheen,the toru boat at Woody Island Resort
  • Paddling traditions row boats at Woody Island Resort
  • Taking kayaks for a paddle at Woody Island Resort

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Corporate Retreats

Escape to tradition

Inspiration knows no boundaries!

Welcome to a Unique Vacation

Experience Our History

The resort is situated on Woody Island in Placentia Bay. This quaint outport fishing village once boasted a population of 400 before government resettlement forced most to relocate elsewhere in the province. Today, Woody Island is home to mainly summer visitors who vacation or enjoy weekend getaways in this spectacular and pristine Canadian destination.

The resort offers breathtaking scenery, comfortable accommodations, excellent service, traditional Newfoundland meals, live entertainment, and a wide variety of activities.

A Short Voyage Gets You There

Sit back and enjoy the 40 minute cruise to the island, our skipper has everything under control. There is always lots of wildlife to see; moose, caribou and even whales make regular appearances along the route! As you enjoy the unmatched scenery of Placentia Bay, you’ll also get your first introduction to Newfoundland folk music.

Once you disembark from the Merasheen, the island becomes your playground. There is lots to see and do, so once you get settled away in your quarters take advantage of this truly unique opportunity!

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